Googy Designer Rocking Horse - The Softest, Safest Ride For Your Little Ones


If only the best will do for your child's developmental play, the Googy designer rocking horse is an excellent addition to the play things you provide.

Designed and manufactured by Novak and Wilson Design, our Googy kids rocking horse was conceptualized and created to answer a need for a softer, safer and all round more comfortable version of the traditional rocking horse, still with all the delightful features of the old-fashioned toddler horse, to offer hours of satisfying fun and enjoyment.

The Googy small plush rocking horse is crafted to be extremely comfortable for young children. Its ergonomic, child-friendly curves provide the right frame for maximum support with every movement, and its plushness ensures a cushioned surface for little ones to get the best play out of their rocking horse toy. Our plush design horses are also a huge hit with kids who are attracted to the soft and cuddly feel against their skin.

Sturdy and strong, the Googy toddler rocking horse was built for kids, but can withstand the weight of the average-size adult. This is great for parents who want to join their kids for a ride on this amazingly versatile rocking horse toy.
We insist on the best craftsmanship in crating every Googy toddler rocking horse and all of our child’s rocking horses for sale are handmade with care and close attention to every detail. Clients are also able to tailor every designer rocking horse toy they purchase by choosing from our range of colors and fabric.

The design and production team of the Googy designer rocking horse bring decades of experience in manufacture and innovate design to the making of this delightful twist on play tradition. Novak is a 'living design' company that has been successfully fulfilling the desire for a different kind of furniture aesthetic to both residential and commercial markets, with its handcrafted upholstered pieces, since 1980. Wilsonic Design is an award-winning design firm in areas ranging from industrial to children's toys. Established in 2000 it has developed its own approach to product development to bring a unique difference in its deliverables to its clients.

If you are interested in our range of childs rocking horses for sale, please check contact us to order or for further information, through any of the contact details provided below.