A rocking horse reinvented


Googy is a designer’s reply to the challenge of conventional rocking horses. It is designed to provide fun, safety and comfort: it is soft and appealing, very well cushioned, extremely difficult to overturn, sturdy, and all of its surfaces are well rounded.

At the same time, Googy manages to have the irrevocable appeal of a plush toy. Even the youngest children are drawn to its soft and inviting presence. They immediately recognize a rocking horse in its simplified shape.



GOOGY is made with the proposal that lasting quality is a right and not a luxury. Therefore, each GOOGY from our collection is handmade using the finest quality materials and traditional craftsmanship. Each GOOGY will last generations with minimal maintenance.

About the manufacturer

NOVAK - living design is an exclusive producer of handmade upholstered furniture and accessories for residential and commercial markets since 1980.

They assure a very high standard of production with experienced craftsmen who take pride in their work.

Collaboration with designers, timeless elegance and precision in every detail are the qualities that are appreciated and recognised in their products.

Each product is custom made, whereby the customer can select from a wide array of contemporary materials and colours.

Googy - Rocking horse

Wilsonic Design

About An award-winning design team established Wilsonic Design in 2000 to offer cutting edge industrial and graphic design services. Through numerous projects delivered, Wilsonic Design has developed a clear specialty in product development, thus becoming an important partner with the most propulsive companies in the region.

Wilsonic Design team is lead by Nina Mihovec, an industrial designer with a track-record of award-winning designs of highly profitable products. The team also consists of experienced strategic planners, certified NPD consultants, industrial and graphic designers, engineers, and project managers.

Wilsonic Design's projects range from industrial components to buses, sailboats and toys.

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