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height 71 cm
width 47cm
length 95 cm
weight 9,5 kg
for ages 4 and up
maximum load 90 kg


height 53 cm
width 36 cm
length 73 cm
weight 6,8 kg
for toddlers 1,5 - 4 years of age
maximum load 40 kg



Upholstery: LINEN

Weight :
Abrasion resistance:
DIN EN ISO 12947-1+:

80% PES 20 FLAX
425 gr/m2
87.000 cycles
DIN EN ISO 12947-2

Rocker: bent beech plywood.
Handles: beech wood
Wood treatments:
The varnish contains no harmful substances,
and the liberation of formaldehyde from the varnish complies with E1 requirements.
Basic structure: foam with a metal sub-structure


We recommend dusting with your vacuum cleaner using a curtain or upholstery brush attachment.
Start cleaning your fabric as soon you see that regular dusting is no longer adequate. Use the quality fabric cleaner that is avaible on the market. Do this to avoid soil and grime penetrating the fibres of your fabric which makes cleaning more complicated. At least once every 3 months, clean all parts of the Googy  that come in contact with the body.

Googy the rocking horse should always be used according to the instructions for its use and its purpose,
taking into account predictable, normal behaviour of children and adults.

Small GOOGY: 1,5- 4 years of age, maximum load 40 kg
Large GOOGY: ages 4 years and up, maximum load 90 kg


- Do not place your feet under the rocking board.
- Do not place hands under the rocking board.
- Always use Googy sitting down: while rocking always sit in the middle of the seat with your hands on the
handles on the horse's head and with your feet on the bottom handles or on the side of the rocker.
- Always place Googy on a flat, firm surface.
- Remove sharp or hard objects from the immediate vicinity of Googy.
- Always have an adult present while using Googy.